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Reliable work done with integrity is how we approach every job. Our agility allows us to rise to the occasion for whatever unique challenges your project brings to the table. The environments we work in are fragile and important, so we take great pride in finding solutions that not only fit aesthetically, but also responsibly.  Plus being located close to the field and our extensive experience are just two keys to saving you time. We balance the convenience of being local with having a large shop to handle complicated jobs.



ARGO Road Maintenance Inc., Prince George, BC

I would like to commend your company on a piece  of equipment that you have designed especially for the road maintenance industry. The Follow Me Wobbly has been accepted with great enthusiasm from our Roads Superintendents and Operators. By using this method of compacting the road base and shoulders, we can eliminate the need for an additional machine and operator.

Emcon Services Inc. Merritt, Vernon, Grand Forks, BC

In the long term maintenance costs are cut by the fact that we are not returning to redo grading  activities more frequently. While we currently have a third of our fleet equipped, it is our goal to have 60% of our graders equipped with the Follow Me Wobbly.


Helping Service Your Equipment To Save Time & Money

BPMW is fully capable to handle whatever challenges your product brings to the table. We house both a machine shop as well as a welding shop, making us uniquely capable to tackle any problem. Over the years we’ve handled structural steel packages, construction of the Old Man River Dam diversion tunnels, various chutes, diverters, bins, conveyors and other process equipment.

In addition to having the shop, we also have mobile units. Wherever your site is, we are able to follow. Whether it’s general maintenance or building a bridge, we’ll be there.


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